More than just classes

In addition to offering regular group classes in gyms and studios, I provide the following bespoke classes.

For all bookings and enquires please contact me below.



One-to-one yoga sessions can be taken in the comfort of your own home or elsewhere, entirely your preference. Perfect for those who prefer the more personable quality of one-to-one sessions. After an initial consultation to identify your personal goals we will work together to build a bespoke yoga practise. Whether you are looking for more strength, flexibility, energy, calmness, and/or ease, the sessions are customised for your needs. 
£35 per hour



Support your employees mentally and physically with weekly yoga sessions, tailored around your business.
Yoga sessions energise before work, beat the mid-afternoon slump at lunchtime or relax at the end of the day.
They reduce stress levels, improve posture at the desk and increase motivation and concentration.
Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.



After years of doing bridal makeup, I’ve experienced how stressful the start of the wedding day can be.
Begin your day with a grounding yoga practise, guaranteed to calm anxiety and quieten your busy mind. One-to-one or with your whole bridal party, allowing you to feel completely relaxed about the exciting day ahead.


Hen Parties

Yoga hen parties are becoming increasingly popular, suitable for all ages and fitness abilities.
In a daytime session you can experience a high energy class, bound to end up with lots of laughter, working in pairs/groups to create popular poses.
In an evening session you can experience a slow deeply relaxing class leaving you all feeling like total zen queens.


Two-to-one / Groups of three

Great if you want to split the cost of a session whilst still receiving more tailored tuition than in a large group setting, or maybe you want to add in some zen to a girls night in.

 £35 per hour


Influencer events

Yoga events are a great way to showcase your brand or new product by personalising yoga equipment, opening a new world to your clients. An interactive yoga class where people can network, play and discover more about your brand.