Your first yoga class

So, you want to start yoga?
Maybe you’ve got New Year, New Me vibes?
Or your friend has recommended you try yoga?
Like doing anything new for the first time it’s okay to be nervous or to think of 1000 questions.


Take a breath…

Breathing is quite literally the foundation of a yoga practise, I will get you to use your breath as a tool, to help guide your body through the postures.

What to bring?
All you need is an open mind and some comfy clothes that you can move freely in.
If you like, you can also bring an extra layer, a pair of socks for the relaxation at the end and a water bottle.

Let go of your ego… no-one is staring at you or thinking your doing it wrong, trust me, everyone is focused on what they’re doing on their mat.

The number one most important thing is to listen to your own body.
Everyone is at a different starting point and every day is different.
One day you will be able to nail a pose and the next you might not be able to do it- that’s totally fine!
Some parts of the class you may find challenging and some poses will be more difficult than others but don’t over do it. You should never feel any sharp shooting pains, your body knows when you're pushing yourself too hard, so listen to it, don’t injure yourself just to achieve a pose.

Use your props!
They do not make you weak or rubbish at yoga, props are my favourite tool and I use them every day in my own personal practise. Yoga isn’t about bendy pretzel poses, it’s working on enhancing your posture, breathing into different areas of the body and props will help you get the same benefit of an advanced pose without needing to be super flexy, win win!

Classes can be busy, so when there’s 20 bodies in the room usually you’re pretty close to your neighbours, don’t be shy! I often encourage a high five or a smile to your neighbour as yoga classes are all about having fun and meeting new people too.


Open your heart…

One of my favourite postures is supported ‘fish pose’

Take Childs Pose, at any point you're feeling tired and want a quick moment to catch your breath, its your practise so take it whenever and for as long as you need.
Savasana, the first pose you’ll know the name of in Sanskrit and most peoples favourite pose.
You’ll get the chance to put on cosy layers and close your eyes in a dimmed candle lit room, its the perfect way to rest and reset after a challenging class.
It allows you to fully absorb all the benefits of the postures and calms the nervous system, allowing you to relax.
I love to end the Savasana with my favourite essential oil and a heavenly adjustment.

The one thing I ask you to remember is that you can’t be ‘bad’ at yoga - there will always be someone who is stronger and more flexible than you; it’s the approach with which you practise that is key.
Stay open minded, present and aware of your body.


And zen…

Allow yourself to fully switch off.

See you on your mat!