About Me

Over the past decade I’ve worked within the beauty industry and without sounding like the biggest cliche, I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that there was more to life. After years of ignoring my true passion I finally followed my dreams and took my first solo trip to Bali, where I trained to be a yoga teacher. It was one of the most incredible months of my life to date and 200 hours of yoga later, I came back with much more than a qualification. It was the single most liberating and bravest thing I’ve ever done, so I can honestly say that yoga has changed my life.

I found yoga back in 2012 in my local gym and I will never forget how much lighter I felt afterwards- like walking on clouds! I love introducing new people to yoga and teach classes to all ages, shapes and fitness levels. Yoga has SO many benefits, for me its really helped improve my posture, reducing my back pain and helps me think clearer. Ive seen how its added value to so many other peoples lives too, so come try it for yourself!

Be brave, push outside your comfort zone and try yoga.

Savvy x